Pet Insurance for Ferrets

I’ve collated a list of insurance companies which offer pet insurance for ferrets that I could find around the world. Unfortunately there aren’t many pet insurance companies which want to help ferrets 🙁

If you’re looking to insure your ferret/s, I’d suggest you check to make sure there aren’t any exclusion clauses in the policy which could make it impossible for you to claim for treatment for certain diseases which our ferrets are prone to getting, like adrenal gland disease or insulinoma.



Exotic Direct



365 Pet Insurance – Bird and Exotic Pet Insurance

Pet Assure

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Review of Nationwide Pet Insurance by ferret owners : The plan is absolutely awful. I have two ferrets, and my boyfriend and I were so happy to finally find a pet insurance that caters to exotic pets. We were greatly disappointed when the policy finally arrived. It didn’t cover ANYTHING close to the normal costs of owning a pet. This policy was nothing but a scam to take $114 to start the plan plus an extra $20 per month to continue the plan (the numbers are also per pet by the way) so they could only be protected from extreme circumstances like broken limbs from car accidents. Ferrets are not like dogs and cats, therefore they are not out and about like there fellow furry friends. They are not as highly active where they may in fact injure themselves to the point where they might actually break their own legs, necks, etc. This policy only covered rare, unlucky draw situations and it wasn’t worth our money. My babies are 2 years and 6 months old so they have a long time before any of their expected ferret diseases comes to haunt them, which of course, the policy does not cover.
Bottom line: If you are a ferret owner, you are better off without this plan. It’s not worth your time.
Review of Nationwide Pet Insurance by ferret owners – Yelp

A comment received on Jan 4, 2020, by a reader ….

«Nationwide is supposedly covering pre-existing hereditary and common illness did ferrets. 30 a month, 25p deductable, 90% reimbursement, and exams, hospitalizations, medications etc»


Pet Insurance for Ferrets | Costs, Best Coverage, Health Issues

By Nina Gunther-Segal
… Nationwide’s Avian & Exotic Pet Plan covers ferrets (along with many other exotic animals like birds), and is one of the few pet insurance companies to do so …


Information about Exotic Pets Insurance

A Vet’s Guide To Pet Insurance : Compare VPI / Nationwide Pet Insurance | Comparison Fact Sheet (Birds and Exotic Pets), (Pet Insurance University)


General Information about Pet Insurance

(Not ferret specific but hopefully will give ferret owners tips if checking out insurance for their babies)

How to Find Pet Insurance that Covers Pre-Existing Conditions (An Aussie site but hopefully helpful to anyone who is interested.)


15 thoughts on “Pet Insurance for Ferrets”

  1. Hi Allan
    I assume you live in the States?
    I just checked and both links for pet insurance in the USA are current so I’d suggest you get quotes from both and find out what they insure your ferret for so that you get the best deal 🙂
    If you live in Australia then I’m sorry – we can’t get insurance for ferrets here as far as I know 🙁

  2. Christy, I’m sorry but I have nothing to do with ferret insurance!
    I’ve just found the companies which do insure ferrets and listed them here on my page 🙁
    I hope you find a good company to insure your ferret, when you get it 😀

  3. Need ferret insurane for 3 young Marshall ferrets..they are spayed/ neutered and descented and healthy as of yet.

  4. Hi Janine
    I’d suggest you ring the links I’ve listed and ask them all about ferret insurance 🙂
    I’ve just put up the companies I’ve come across who do insure ferrets but I have nothing to do with them!
    Hugs to your three from their new buddies down under 😀

  5. Hey Dee, I’m sorry but I couldn’t find any pet insurance companies in Canada which offer plans for ferret owners 🙁
    I did a lot of Googling and came across the same subject being discussed on the Holistic Ferrets forum. The information is 4 years old but seems to be the same in 2016 as it was in 2011, and I quote …
    “In Canada, none of the insurance companies I spoke to even cover ferrets- only cats and dogs.”

    I’m sorry that I couldn’t find anything to help you (

  6. The link on the 365 Pet Insurance page just links you to Pet Assure. And Pet Assure isn’t true insurance, it even labels itself as a “Pet Insurrance alternative.” Apparently they give you a 25% discount on your vet bills but you have to go to places which are approved by Pet Assure, and i’ve heard that these places tend to be overpriced. This leaves Nationwide with a monopoly, but I asked and they told me that they cover adrenal gland disease and insulinoma so that’s nice at least.

  7. Nationwide is supposedly covering pre-existing hereditary and common illness did ferrets. 30 a month, 25p deductable, 90% reimbursement, and exams, hospitalizations, medications etc

  8. Thanks so much for that information, Tamara! I’m sure it will be important to those ferret owners who want to get pet insurance for their babies ❤
    Happy New Year to you and yours, and I hope all your pets will have a healthy year ahead!!

  9. I don’t think I can be of help, Charity, as I’m in Oz! Here we have one insurance company which insures ferrets but I’ve been told it’s very expensive and not particularly generous when it comes to paying out for vet bills! ?‍♀️
    I would imagine that would be the same for insurance in your neck of the woods!!
    Good luck ?

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