Please be careful of your ferret with the dishwasher!

My boyfriend and I had got a new ferret from the petstore and it was only 6 days we had him. He was the best cuddliest ferret I have ever had. I was opening the dishwasher to load it and Ricky was beside it. I always open the door to the dishwasher when my other ferret was by it and have done the same with Ricky many times in the passed 6 days. This time as I opened the dishwasher he stuck his head in the crack of the door along the bottom and it snapped his neck.. I knew something was really wrong because I heard and felt the crunch in my hand.

He started twitching and there was nothing we could do he started bleeding from the mouth and could hear his lungs start to gurgle because they were filling up with blood. The only thing left to do was put him out of his misery.. I feel absolutely horrible and can’t get the image from my head.

I just wish I knew this could happen.. I will never open the dishwasher with my ferret anywhere near me ever again.

I hope this saves other people and ferrets from this tragic accident happening. I will never feel the same about opening a dishwasher again.


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Jan 03, 2015 That was a very brave thing for you to admit
by: Anonymous

I am so terribly sorry to hear of what happened to your ferret but thank you for being brave enough to write about it.

I cannot stress enough how one should be paranoid with ferrets around. I don’t care if you are a new ferret owner or one, like me, who’s had them for 20 years plus! You just cannot become complacent 🙁

It was awful that you lost your Ricky in this manner but I hope you’ll get another little buddy as you seem like a very caring ferret owner.


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  1. That is awful I’m so terribly sorry and it must be really hard for you to watch and stuff I hope you and your family are healing now from the horrible accident 🙁

  2. This is such terrible story! I am very sorry it happened! I cannot imagine how awful you must have felt! Sorry for your loss!
    Our ferret, whom we just got four days ago, went under our dishwasher this morning. I was able to lure him out with a squeeky toy but went on Google to see what can be done if that ever happens again. And what I saw was shocking: so many dishwasher accidents!! I am shopping for a pet gate TODAY to board the kitchen off. He can have the living and dining area, my son’s playroom and a hallway. The rest is OFF LIMITS! My little baby ferret is too precious!

  3. Not sure my story really makes a difference. There’s so many on here. It does comfort me to know I’m not the only one so I do appreciate everyone’s story, because my boyfriend makes me feel guilty and what makes it worse is the reason I got Stella for him is because about 6 months ago I accidently ran over his dog backing out of the driveway. Today I was loading the dishwasher and apparently she crawled in. My bf opened it to find her stiff on the top rack. The past few hours has been him crying And asking why and asking me how I missed a whole animal and accusing me of hating him. He seems to forget I’m also grieving this situation and also loved her. I hate myself and blame myself enough. Similar to a lot of the other stories here. I told Stella to get out of the dishwasher and didn’t realize she had gotten back in. And that makes me even more guilty than had I not seen her at all. Because I feel like I should have double checked I should done this or done that. I keep thinking it’s not real. I keep googling how to revive her knowing she was in 140⁰ water and there is nothing I can do. My bf hardly had spoke to me. I think we are done having pets.

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