Proper Bedding for your Ferret

By Mike Steele

It is important to note that ferrets cannot be given woodchips as a bedding material. Aside from ferrets not being rodents, the oils that these chips contain may cause respiratory illnesses or worse in ferrets. Instead, they should be given soft fabric or newspaper clippings for a bedding material. Many products are available which are made from recycled newspaper, such as Marshall Ferret Litter, however they are generally used for litter as their name implies. Bedding material should generally occupy most of or the entire wire grating that your ferret will be traveling on inside their cage.

It is suggested that you provide your ferret with a hammock and/or sleep sack for the times they will be sleeping. While there are many wonderful hammocks or sleep sacks available, don’t be afraid to trying making them yourself if you are so inclined. It is fairly simple to construct these items. All you need are a few basic sewing supplies, some small metal clips for hanging, and your imagination. A hammock is a specially made “bed” for ferrets. Hammocks have four metal clips on each corner which attach to the side of your ferrets cage, which allow the hammock to be suspended in the air. Many ferrets prefer to sleep in their hammocks, over the floor of the cage. Mainly because many cages have wire floors which can be uncomfortable to sleep on. Not only are hammocks softer, but they will also mold to your ferrets body, providing a comfortable place to sleep. Sleep sacks are another excellent item to have in your ferret cage. Warm and cozy, they are usually made of soft, plush material. You can also find sleep sacks with fleece or wool lining to provide additional comfort and warmth. Keep in mind that you should only need one sleep sack or hammock, mainly because three or four ferrets tend to sleep together, dismissing additional bedding items available to them.

Mike Steele

2 thoughts on “Proper Bedding for your Ferret”

  1. what is the best brand for paper bedding? What are your thoughts on colored paper bedding?
    Also, anyone heard of Wheat litter, is it safe?

  2. Lorri, I personally haven’t heard of paper bedding, colored or otherwise 😮
    I would suggest putting old T-shirts or sweatshirts as bedding as I think it’d be more comfortable for them than paper.
    I also haven’t heard of wheat litter – I personally think the best and safest litter is recycled newspaper pellets like Yesterday’s News. I’ve just googled wheat litter to see what it’s all about and from the Wonder Wheat Cat Litter website I read that it’s a type of clumping litter.
    Clumping litter is VERY dangerous for ferrets so please don’t get anything like that!
    This article might help you decide what kind of litter to get …

    Hope that’s been of some help!

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