Sarcoptic Mange in Ferrets


Sarcoptic mange (aka scabies) is caused by mites which invade the skin of healthy ferrets and cause a number of problems, including hair loss and severe itching.

It also affects the feet and is occasionally termed “foot rot”. The paws become red, swollen and painful. There might also be crusts and intense itching. The nails also can become quite deformed, or even fall out.

We had a ferret given to us with foot rot and he was not a pretty sight. We called him Wookie, as he looked like a Star Wars creature – orange fur, incredibly ugly nails and the worst case of the itches I have ever seen! Poor little guy ?

We took him to our vet and he was put on a course of Ivermectin and it cleared up the problem beautifully. After the mites were exterminated, we had Wookie sterilized and that took care of his orange coat.

He ended up being a very handsome albino with a soft, snow white coat! ?

Don’t ignore any signs of foot rot, as it could to the loss of the foot if left untreated.

However if you are treating your ferret with Revolution, then you shouldn’t have any worries about it getting scabies.


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Natural Remedy for Mites

I personally haven’t tried this but for those of you who would prefer to use a natural treatment to get rid of mange, take a look at this site …

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(Last updated November 2019)



DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this page is not meant to replace seeing a veterinarian if you think your ferret is ill. It’s only meant to supply general information on a particular illness which was obtained either from personal experience with my sick ferrets, or from books and/or the Internet.

2 thoughts on “Sarcoptic Mange in Ferrets”

  1. I bought a ferrett at the pet stop and they said he was abandoned in a home and was infested with fleas and starved thats why he was loosing hair they said they think he is about 6 yrs old .. well i think it is mange and how would i treat him for it ?

  2. Hi Tori
    Only a vet can prescribe a course of Ivermectin for your ferret so is there a ferret vet near to where you live where you can take your little guy?
    Does he still have fleas? Revolution is great for killing all the fleas on animals so if he does have fleas, I suggest you get a box of Revolution for Cats (5-15lbs) but you had better check with your vet if you can use it if he’s on Ivermectin.
    Wonderful that you gave this ferret a forever home – he certainly seems to have had a lousy start to life. I don’t know how people can do things like that to an animal they had 🙁
    One more thing – fleas do cause hair loss but so does adrenal gland disease. Losing hair and constant itching are two symptoms – I hope that your ferret doesn’t have that but do get your ferret vet to check, just in case :/
    If you want to check if your ferret has any other signs of adrenal disease, then please take a look at this page …

    Hugs to your little man from his new friends down under 🙂

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