The Albino Ferret

by Lee Dobbins

Ferrets come in several colors and the albino ferret is favored by many. This ferret is lacking in all color and has a pure white coat, red eyes and a pink nose. A true albino will have no other colors and if you want to show your ferret, make sure there is no staining or discoloration whatsoever on his coat. Other variations on the Albino include ferrets that have white coats and black eyes and ferrets with cream colored to pale yellow coats and red eyes.

Like any other ferret, albinos make great pets will provide you with entertainment and love. Many ferret owners do prefer that their ferret be white, but this is purely for aesthetic purposes and has nothing to do with the temperament or intelligence of the animal.

In some cases, albino ferrets have been more commonly shown to have more problems with sight as well as hearing but this is minimal and shouldn’t deter you if you really want an albino. In any event, ferrets can adapt quite well to these problems – my ferret was quite blind in her older years and would still run around the house at full speed! Often she would run right into a door or wall but would simply turn a bit and correct herself.

Other colors that one might consider when thinking about purchasing a ferret include the black ferret which is all black with a white undercoat, black eyes and black nose. The black sable which is a dark blackish brown color with a white undercoat, brown or black eyes and blackish brown or speckled nose. The chocolate ferret is a warm chocolate color with white undercoat, brown eyes and pink nose. A lighter version of the chocolate ferret is the champagne who has a light brown coat, burgundy colored eyes and a tan or pink nose. A cinnamon colored ferret is a reddish brown with burgundy eyes and a dark pink nose. The sable ferret is a sable brown with brown or black eyes and a light brown nose. Any one of these types can have different marking such as the mask on the face that is so closely associated with the domesticated ferret.

If you would like to own an albino, you can buy them through many breeders as well as find them in ferret shelters. In the true albinos, you will find that their coats are pale in color and even pure white and they will always have red eyes. The red eyes can be a bit detracting and many people seek out the rarer white ferrets that have dark eyes that are either black or dark blue. Choosing the right ferret for you is a personal one and no matter what color you pick, you’ll have a loving and entertaining companion.

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Lee Dobbins writes for Ferrets at where you can find out more about the albino ferret as well as general ferret care and supplies.

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  1. Hi good afternoon I was wondering if you could direct me to where I can purchase an albino or white ferret please?there are a lot of scams going on through Facebook and internet.I grew up with ferrets my one lived to be 13.if you can help I TIA!

  2. Hi Snow
    This is a list of breeders in the States so I hope you’ll find one close to where you live.

    You might also want to consider getting a ferret from a shelter? You could just google the question to find one in your city/state.
    Hope that was of some help.

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