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Hi,my female ferret Blanca has adrenal disease that has quieted down since using several supplements on a daily basis and darkening her room.

She readily takes a quarter of a capsule of a transfer factor product along with turmeric/DIM, the amount that you can scoop onto the tip of a table knife-she weighs about a little over a pound.

I mix this in a small amount of chicken broth in a spoon and she drinks it. The transfer factor product is for her immune system. The turmeric/DIM is for balancing/eliminating excess estrogen. I also add a pinch of MSM powder to her water dish daily (too much and it can lead to diarrhea) and it seems to have helped with hair regrowth/maintaining her hair. All of her sleep time is in a very dark room.

About two weeks after begining this regime her vulva and breasts were no longer enlarged and pink, her energy level increased, and her hair began to grow back. She is about 80 percent covered in hair. She has been on this regime approximately 8 mos., and her vulva/breasts look normal, her eyes are bright and she has a crazy amount of energy!

My male ferret Choco is on the above supplements prophylactically as the turmeric/DIM can also assist with balancing/eliminating excess testosterone.

The turmeric/DIM product I’m using is “DIMension3” from a company called Xymogen. The transfer factor product I’m using is “Transfer Factor Plus” from a company called 4Life.

I hold no interest in these companies.



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May 04, 2009 VIVA LA BLANCA!
by: Anonymous
I’m really glad to hear how your natural remedies have helped Blanca get better and thanks so much for sharing the advice with us.

Fortunately my little girl is doing okay ATM but should she ever get adrenal disease, I will be stocking up on all the items you talked about and hopefully will be able to fix her up naturally.

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  1. Thanks so much for the info here, it saved my ferret binky, he’s still alive and running around after about a year, he couldn’t even walk at one point. In now advising someone I met online to do the same thing with her dog. God bless you guys

  2. So glad that Lisa’s post helped your Binky!
    I have a girl with adrenal disease at the moment but I can’t get the DIMension 3 here in Oz πŸ™
    I hope Binky stays with you for many, many more years to come πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve got 4 ferrets, the oldest nearing 5 yrs old, and she has begun showing the tiniest symptoms of adrenal.. thinning hair around her tail, lots of scratching for no reason, and just overall less energy than her cagemates. I have seen a reduction in symptoms simply by adding fish oil to their food, but I’m excited to learn about MSM and other natural remedies. It makes me upset that most ferret owners simply do not learn about this option and go ahead and pay thousands for invasive surgeries and implants when in fact much better options exist. Thank you for publishing this information!

  4. Hi Brian
    That comment by Lisa was made over 10 years ago so I think Binky and Blanca are patiently waiting for their owners at the Rainbow Bridge by now ?

  5. Hi, I have a Ferret with Adrenal Disease, whose adrenal gland is about 6 times the normal size and she is losing fur rapidly! I was very excited to find your article, I will try anything! Would you be able to give me the name of the company for the MSM powder? Thank you so much for sharing your story. Dorene

  6. Hi Dorene
    I’m afraid the lady who wrote about her ferret that she helped with those supplements was a reader, not someone connected to the website. She also wrote that article 11 years ago! ?
    Perhaps you should just google MSM powder and find one which looks to be the best. I think it should come from a reputable store, not somewhere like Walmart, as I hear their supplements aren’t the best.
    Hope that helps and I hope you get your girl fixed up as soon as possible ❀
    Kindest regards

  7. Hi all my ferret is 9 years old. I took him to the vet & his prognosis isn’t good. His protein levels were low, his bilirubin was high, he is anemic, his spleen & liver enlarged. The vet says it’s cancer perhaps bowel cancer. I don’t have the money for xrays or ultrasound. He is currently on renal k+, prednisone,denamarin. He eats chicken baby food ( I have to feed him) he will not drink water nor eat on his own. He is not walking that well unless he is on a drug, his poop is dark. I bought smart water to keep him hydrated. I need help please if anyone can tell me if natural remedies to help my baby I would greatly appreciate it. He still has his fur & I sometimes wonder if he has something else & not cancer, I’m going by what my vet has told me according to my ferrets bloodwork. Thanks a million for reading this & helping if you can❀

  8. Hi Grisel
    How is your ferret doing? It seems he has a lot of problems and I’m not sure if there are any supplements which may help ?
    My last albino girl had a swollen liver and my vet told me to take her home and make her comfortable as she’d probably be at the Rainbow Bridge by the end of that week but I came home, researched what I should give her and she was with us with a good quality of life for 18 more months! However she wasn’t as old as your fellow.
    I wrote about Mojo and her swollen liver on this page …

    I also mentioned my present boys on the same page – Misha and Grisha – and what I was giving them to try and prevent problems down the track. Unfortunately Grisha did develop adrenal hair loss so I had to take him to get his implant, and a few months ago Misha’s hind legs stopped working. The vet wasn’t sure if it was because of a disc problem or cancer but he said that to have either a CAT scan or MRI would cost thousands of dollars and we couldn’t afford that, being old folk!
    I honestly do not know what supplements which would help your boy but I think Astaxanthin might help.
    This describes what Astaxanthin helps so do read it and decide for yourself if it will help your old guy …

    Scroll down to page 118 “Love your Pet? Give it Natural Astaxanthin” and read that chapter. If you think it’d help then I would strongly suggest you buy the BioAstin Hawaiian brand as I’ve found that to be the best to give my ferrets.
    I don’t know where you can order it but being in Australia, I use this firm and I’m very happy with the quality of the supplements and their speedy delivery.

    I would suggest giving him a smoothie — say about 250ml NO LACTOSE milk, one raw egg yolk and the whole content of the Astaxanthin capsule. To get the liquid out of the capsule, just push a thumb tack into a small piece of cardboard and poke the capsule on the tip of the thumb tack then squeeze the content into the jug. Use your electric beater or whatever you have to mix the no lactose milk, egg yolk & Astaxanthin together and serve it to your ferret!
    I have posted a few ideas onto a private page I made up a while ago and if you read through it, you might find there are a couple of tips which are helpful to you. One thing I was told by a holistic vet is to give your ferret 5 drops of milk thistle morning and night if they’re on pred as that is hard on their liver.

    I hope this gives you some ideas on what to give your little guy and I really, really hope that the supplements will help to make him stronger and give him good quality of life to carry on for longer.
    Good luck!
    Big hugs to your old man from his two fuzzy buddies down under ❀

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