Our TV Ferrets


In 1996 our ferrets were featured on national TV in a popular show about animals.

The crew came to our house mid-morning and spent most of the day there filming.

The clip is a little small but if we’d made it larger, I was told that we’d have to split the segment into two sections. I didn’t think it was worth doing that so I hope you find it easy enough to watch 😛

Enjoy! 😀

PS … our pool was a salt water one so when Danielle put Caspar in it, there was no chlorine in it to harm him!




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2 thoughts on “Our TV Ferrets”

  1. Wow that totally freaked me out – never ever thought about Ferrets as pets. Your house looks like a bit of a mad-house (meant in the nicest way), full of life and love. I will never feel the same way about a ferret again.

  2. ???

    Carol, you are absolutely correct in calling our place a mad house! It was, as at one stage – when I was roped into Ferret Rescue – we had 27 ferrets roaming free range in our house ?‍♀️

    My kids have no interest in ferrets, thank goodness, and now I am basically at the end of the road. I just have one left and when my Grisha goes to the Rainbow Bridge, I shall be hanging up my harness! Am getting too old and too doddery to cope ?

    They really are wonderful little creatures and give back as much love as they get! My vet even said that she was dreading being on duty on the day I might bring Mash in for her final visit but as it happened, Mash died in my arms aged 10!! God she was a special little girl and a fantastic ferret ambassador ❤

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