Want a Ferret really really bad!!!

by Michael Salinas

I walked into Petco and saw the ferret but I wasn’t really into them at the time because I wanted a snake or scorpion but then a woman came holding one and asked me if I wanted to hold one and I said yes. It was so soft cool. I am a 13 year old boy that is in 8th grade and still trying to convince my MOM to let me get a least one ferret so I’m with you guys. It sucks right

2 thoughts on “Want a Ferret really really bad!!!”

  1. Hello. [: I really want a ferret to!!! I know what it feels like to REALLY want a ferret. my mom, dad and siblings Hate ferrets. have you read Ferrets for dummies. It really helps. Then you’r mom will see how much you really love ferrets and that mite be you’r chance

  2. to show her things about ferrets slowly. that plan has worked for many people but me. ]: I am getting no where with my parents. fill free to ask any questions although I am just ten I have read and read and read about them for a couple months.

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