Please help…

by Lara

Hi – my name’s Lara. I am 13 and I want a pet ferret but my parents won’t let me have one. I have wanted one since I was 11 years old but they keep telling me that they don’t want any more animals, even though we only have a dog and 2 gerbils. I know that a ferret could kill my gerbils but I would keep them separated all the time.

I have wrote four persuasive essays, made a price list, done all my research till I can revise it in my sleep, but they won’t budge. I have enough money to pay for a ferret every month and I would get a paper round as well. I get £20 a month pocket money and the round pays £19 per week, so that’s plenty of money to keep a ferret. And I would have some left over which I would save up in case it needed to go to the vet.

I think the main reason I am not allowed one is because my dog is epileptic, and my mum is very stressed out all the time and can’t handle the thought of having more animals. I have told her that I would be responsible for it as I have previously been for 2 guinea pigs, a hamster and 2 gerbils.

I know ferrets are hard work but I love looking after animals and would spend all my spare time with it. Please help me!

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Apr 26, 2011 Thank you!!
by: Lara

Thank you so much- I will try that! 🙂 If I can’t have a ferret now I can just get one when I’m older 🙂 Thank you!

Apr 26, 2011 How about trying this …
by: Anonymous

To be honest, I don’t know how you’ll be able to persuade your mother to take you to a shelter if she’s dead set against it. Are there any fairs happening near to where you live where there’ll be ferrets on show? You could ask her to take you to the fair then steer her towards the ferrets 😉

Another thing I suggested to another youngster, what about printing out and showing her what other people have said about their first ferret?



Pantaleimon, my new adult furry thing

First Time Ferret Owner

It might make her realise that ferrets really do make great pets and are not the smelly, vicious animals that so many people think they are.

Good luck! I hope you succeed in changing her mind 😀

Apr 25, 2011 Thanks!
by: Lara

Thank you so much for all your help – I have mentioned going to a shelter already but they said absolutely no way. I promised that I would keep it in my room but they don’t seem any keener. Any tips on how to persuade them to take me to a shelter? Thanks again! 🙂

Apr 25, 2011 To Lara
by: Anonymous

You certainly have done everything possible to try and persuade your parents to let you get a ferret.

The only other thing I could think of is for you to find a ferret shelter in Edinburgh and take your folks there to see a ferret in person.

Perhaps if they speak to the shelter owner and find out first hand what great pets ferrets make, it might change their minds?

Or … perhaps if you explained to your mother that your ferret would be kept in a cage in your room and so wouldn’t be a burden on the family, since you’ll be totally responsible for it, that might also sway her.

I know what it’s like, having had 3 teenagers many years ago who wanted their own pets and promised faithfully to look after them but, when they left home, they left them with us to take care of! But I’m sure you’re far more responsible than my kids were 😀

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