Parents still won’t let me get a ferret :(

by Claire

Hi my name is Claire. I have already posted a comment on how my parents won’t let me have a ferret (btw, thanks for the info that the person that commented on my last page gave, but unfortunately it didn’t work).

I have suggested going to a centre to hold some ferrets, but they didn’t like that idea. I made my mum watch that film ‘Along Came Polly’ because the ferret in that is absolutely adorable. She thought it was pretty cute and said ‘Awwwww’ when she saw it, but I don’t think im any closer to getting one.

As I live in Glasgow, there is an SPCA centre close to me, so I go on the website for that every day to see if there are any ferrets in the Glasgow centre, which there aren’t at the moment. There are, however, two ferrets in the Edinburgh centre that I like. I have showed my parents pictures of them both, but they still won’t budge!

It’s more my Mum that I need to convince, because my Dad will agree if she does. Anyone got any tips to help me get a ferret? It’s urgent!
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Feb 06, 2012 ferrets
by: Anonymous

Just tell your parents they sleep 18 to 20 hours. Also they are hilarous – I have a ferret, and he is very nice. He like to explore, wrestle, chase, and just roam around while watching tv. Also don’t worry about waking them up because they sleep so much you think they are dead 🙂
Hopes this helps.

Dec 10, 2011 I feel your pain!
by: thereadyset I posted a comment earlier today around 12:30 and I’m still absolutely stuck! I brought my dad to the local pet store to hold ferrets, and he still won’t budge! This time…. I’m out of ideas!

Aug 06, 2011 Info on persuading parents
by: Claire

thanks for the info kate 🙂 It was really helpful, thank you so much!

And cass, a couple of years ago I wrote my parents a persuasive letter asking them if I could have a hamster. I included things like why it would make a good pet for me. they were very impressed and let me get one! i have tried this seven times for a ferret, along with a powerpoint and even a few gifts, but they just won’t let me get one 🙁 This will hopefully work for you, it’s definately worth trying! Good luck in getting a ferret, post on the page if it works! 😀
Thanks again kate!

Jul 21, 2011 Omg
by: Cass 🙂 🙂

I am having the same problem with my parents! i would love to have a ferret but they won’t budge! If you find anything helpful in helping to convince them I would love to know! 🙂

Jun 28, 2011 plz read!
by: kate

Ok so my mom is just like yours and my dad well, he will say yes to anything! But if she doesn’t like them cuz she thinks they bite and are rodents well — first of all ferrets rarely bite and they are not rodents. They don’t really stink but they have a slight musky smell to them but most people can hardly smell them.

Does she think she will end up doing all the work? Well if so, try to prove you are very responsible. Maybe you could make slide show of very cute ferrets and put in some good facts about them. Here are a few facts that I have:
1. They are not rodents.
2.Don’t really bite.
3. Are quiet.
4.They are 100% domesticated
5. They were breed to be domesticated.
6 Ferrets are not dumb.
7. Unlike some animals they will become very fond of you.
8. Easy to exercise
9. Easy to feed
10. Are good with dogs and cats.

hope this helped!! 😀 🙂

Apr 25, 2011 Thanks!
by: Anonymous

Thanks very much for all your help. I will show my mum the links and see if I can change her mind, though I doubt it. Thanks again! 🙂

Jan 24, 2011 For Claire
by: Anonymous

I’m so sorry your mother is so against you getting a ferret.

Is it because she doesn’t like them (some people think they’re slinky and creepy – I know coz my sister is one of those people!) or is she worried that the other animals in your family are at risk?

The shelter idea was great but if it won’t work then maybe it’s an idea to print out other people’s reactions to having a ferret – if you know what I mean?

Have a look at these links I’ve put about posts and if you think they’d be good for your mom to read, then print them out. If not, find other posts which you think would impress your mom.



Pantaleimon, my new adult furry thing

First Time Ferret Owner

If that doesn’t work, then maybe you should just wait till you leave home and get a ferret then 🙂

Good luck!!

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  1. My mom will not lwt me get a ferrwt bc she sayd they stink like no other, that may be true but their are sloutions to that. She once had a ferret, for only 3 days. She didn’t even give them a chance. She will not let me get one what should i do!!!???

  2. If your parents wont budge just tell them that you will take care and do all the work. And you will help pay for the cost of the food and the cage, and even the ferret its self. This is what persuaded my parents to get me a ferret, so it might work for you.

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